To Chicago with Love

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To Chicago with Love

The Empowerment Maven is Headed to Chicago

Greetings Friends,

Do you realize that every word that you speak has infinite power?
With every utter, you shoot rockets into the atmosphere that explode and supernaturally turn into a mist that rains over your life and lives of those with whom you come in contact with.

I am ordinary but I will achieve what some may consider extraordinary because I believe in the power of my thoughts and the words that manifest and multiply.
I will speak prosperity over my life.

If you don’t believe, consider this scenario:
About two months ago, I began praying for my territory to be increased and that my writing and speaking would touch more lives in a positive way.
I also asked my mother to join me in a prayer for expansion of my work.
After consistent prayer, my family was offered an opportunity to relocate to Tampa, Florida. We moved from Atlanta to Tampa and I return regularly to visit family and to for speaking engagements. I did not want to relocate there not because I did not love it but I simply wanted to gain a new experience. In the midst of conversation with my mother, I uttered the words ” I want to move to a big city, maybe somewhere like Chicago”, never in my wildest imagination believing that this would come to fruition.
Fast forward 3 weeks and my family received an opportunity of a lifetime to go to Chicago.
It appeared to everyone that this offer had fallen from the sky.
As I reflect on my prayers and the words that I spoke, it did.
As of July, I will be expanding all of my businesses, brands and media to Chicago!
I will now have the pleasure of building new relationships while continuing to nurture existing ones. I have appointed some very special people to oversee the work of the companies that I have established while based in Atlanta with a global mission in mind.
I have already planned my rotating schedule and my team and I are in the process of creating larger than life events which will now be more of a celebration each time.
I recognize with certainty that my work (my ministry) was never meant to be a fruit that grows only in a specific region. Instead, I have been granted the responsibility of sowing seeds as far and wide as possible. I am now preparing to sow seeds in Chicago.
I spoke the words, I prayed for prosperity and the universe conspired for a dream to become a reality. My words allowed me to become a witness.
Although we are just ordinary people, our words have extraordinary power. I have a feeling that this is only the beginning! LA, NYC, TX and UK, I have my eyes on you;)

Your words have extraordinary power.
What will you speak in your life?

Ardre Orie, Empowerment Maven

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