Month: July 2016

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Love, Sex & Other Taboo Words

Let’s get right down to it. Society would have us to believe that men are the only species known to man who cheat in relationships. If we fully immersed ourselves into the messages that we received, we would be left to believe that we are damsels in distress. We are well informed when watching the classic storyline that includes the faithful wife who is left to fin for herself after her cheating husband comes home and tells her that he is leaving her for another woman. Cue movies like Derailed, Read more […]

3 Reasons Your Confidence Determines Your Level of Success ❤️ And because not one of us has been born with any more genius than the other, the real truth is that your only competition in the entire universe is you. It is absolutely a fact that what you believe about yourself and your capabilities directly indicate what you will accomplish in your lifetime. I can recall so many times that I established small dreams for myself because I thought that I could achieve them. I spent so many years Read more […]

I’m Ready for the Big Screen

Last September, I officially added the title “Film Director” to my resume. I was overwhelmed to say the least. Of all of the goals that I have set for myself, the completion of my first film certainly made the list of the most challenging. I set my soul on becoming a film director because I wanted desperately to create media that could reach the masses and tell our stories! “I AM” is an American documentary film that candidly accounts one woman’s mission to expose the myriad of factors Read more […]

Life, Love & the Pursuit of Liberty

I hope that this message finds you in preparation to enjoy a day of peace. And while today is a celebrated holiday for our country, I use it as a day of remembrance and thankfulness for liberty. As I reflect, I recognize that in 1865 when America, signed the Emancipation Proclamation, my ancestors were yet still enslaved. I often wonder how life would have been different for me and my family and loved ones having to endure such harsh conditions. I also take time to reflect on race relations in Read more […]

Ardre Orie Named on 30 Most Influential People in Girls Empowerment

I woke up to receive news that I had been included on the list of the 30 Most Influential People in Girl Empowerment. I thought about all of the long, tireless hours that I spent with my mother and a host of amazing ladies building my first business venture The Pink Wish Foundation.  We began this work because we saw a need for girls to realize their full potential and we wanted to provide them with the skills to do so. Our first group of girls were in middle school when they joined us and over Read more […]