Month: June 2016

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The Real Truth About Why I Became A Ghostwriter

I sat there wondering when the next time would be that he would abuse me. It happened so many times that I lost count. All I know is that what he took from me could never be returned. I was now damaged goods. I didn’t care what happened, I wasn’t going to let my family suffer any longer because of him. I was willing to sacrifice myself and my sanity to make sure that they would be ok. I would have done anything to save us from living the impoverished life that we becalmed burdened with. No running Read more […]

This Little Light of Mine

Is Your Light Dim or Shining? I ask you to consider the following question: Is Your Light Dim or Shining? “I bear no fruit from other seeds, only that from which I was created. ” Ardre Orie I remember growing up in school how many times I felt different. I worked extremely hard to be like everyone else. Extremely hard. In my community, being different could and often did lead to scrutiny. There was something about me that was a little different. We often confuse different with better Read more […]