Month: May 2016

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Make It Rain

Have you ever heard anyone say: “A calm sea never qualifies a skillful sailor?”   I have found this to be one of the many truths that is revealed to us along the journey of life. If you look back over your life and consider some of your most difficult moments, I guarantee you that they came just before a miraculous blessing. It would take me months to tell you how many storms came before blessings in my life and the lives of those that I love. To that end, we must also recognize that Read more […]

Tech week is the week leading up to a theatrical production, musical or premier in which you reveal all of the elements of production not used during previous rehearsals. My all male cast felt more than prepared as we entered into this week. For us tech week will be about harnessing the energy that we will bring to the opening night of the show. Upon our last rehearsal, the cast was so hyped that they had to be calmed down. This is indeed a good sign because I know that I have created an environment Read more […]

Get Lost, Find Yourself

As I woke up this morning, I realized that it is officially my birthday week! I was born on my mother’s birthday and every 7 years our birthday falls on Mother’s Day; this year being one of them. I am of course thankful for life as I recognize it as a gift. And like most, I have reflected on my purpose and service here on earth. All this time, I had been focused on being a voice for the voiceless and I now know that I was walking along the right path but I had not figured out exactly how to Read more […]