Month: April 2016

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Lemonade & Other Sweet Drinks

What’s Inside The Heart of A Man? By now, you’ve drank all the lemonade that you can stand after the surprise release of Beyonce’s new album bearing the same title. If there is one thing that Queen Bey knows how to do, it’s market. She is beyond iconic when it comes to selling us a storyline and a ticket. And whether or not you could afford a ticket to the World Tour, you and I along with everyone else in the world pulled up a seat at the table and sat down for a cold glass of #lemonade. That Read more […]

Not Safe for Work

When I was in 7th grade, I made mostly D’s and F’s on my report card. I am certain that the teachers referred to me as a troubled child. I could be seen on any given day with my feet up on the desk, popping gum and talking back very disrespectfully to the staff. I attended a school named Howard Bishop. And at the time, the school’s reputation was on the mend from many unfortunate mishaps due to an increase in gang activity and so called turf wars. One could assume that I was just like every Read more […]

Ardre Orie Launches 13th & Joan

I’m Officially Open for Business ❤️ — In 2013, I founded a publishing company. At the time, I only published my own books through my company. A little under a year ago, I launched a multi media company affectionately named 13th & Joan with a vision to offer not only publishing services but access to media in every format. I formed this company to provide options for people like you and I to tell our stories through media. I wasn’t quite sure how I would even get it off the ground and even Read more […]

Create Your Destiny Why Don’t You?

If I ask you what has caused you the greatest pain in your life, what would you say? I speak to countless ladies and almost every one of them can tell me what has hurt them deeply. Those that cannot have simply not allowed themselves to feel it or they have managed to shut off that place in their hearts. For many, the source of pain is hidden in a dark place that the rest of the world does not know, unless you have discovered what I refer to as the “Path to Prosperity”. I have spent so much time Read more […]