Month: January 2016

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Ardre Orie Featured in Rolling Out Magazine

When I first moved to Atlanta in 2009, I learned about a magazine called Rolling Out. They featured amazing news stories of celebrities and noteworthy individuals who were rising to the top of their fields. I remember researching the cost to advertise my ventures in the magazine and recognizing that as a small business owner with a very small budget, this would not be an option for me and I tucked that dream away and put it to rest. Six years later, on January 2016, Rolling Out ran a feature Read more […]

You Need This: 3 Lessons on Sowing and Reaping

Have you ever worked so hard but saw very few results? I wouldn’t be truthful if I said that I hadn’t. This is often where the story ends for many. Day in and day out, you exert effort but never quite reaping what you have sown. Recently, I’ve been reading less business material and more spiritual material for my personal development and I relearned one of the most obvious lessons. The word reap is a verb. That means that you must exert just as much effort to reap as you do to sow. Stay with Read more […]


There are so many messages around us if we can be still enough to listen. Our messages can come from places unexpected and even the youngest minds of the world. I spent some time researching how I would teach my daughters about Dr. King’s work. The scenario in which to do so changes with every year. When I was in school, we learned profusely about all history and it was so amazing to see nations overcome and great leadership through adversity. To know about Dr. King was an understatement. Had Read more […]

Life Loves the Fearless

The moment that I decided to live free from fear, everything changed. To be honest, I don’t know that I really believed that abundance was for me. The truth is that it is for all of us. Today, I’m not going to write a long message because sometimes less is more. So here goes: 1. Whatever you are afraid of is holding you back from reaching your greatest potential. 2. Fear is learned. We are not born with it. 3. Fear can be dismissed. 4. What you want most is on the other side of fear. 5. Read more […]

An Open Letter to All the Little Girls and Women Watching

“And in that moment. She understood her worth”. Ardre Orie I have been working diligently over the past years to share messages of love, hope, encouragement and most importantly self-worth with women and teen girls. I wrote this open letter below over three years ago and it’s sentiment rings strong and true today: Dear Girls, Let me first start by saying that I am not writing this letter to throw hate or shade. I believe every woman to be beautiful in their own right. I am writing this Read more […]

Goodbyes & Hellos

Goodbyes & Hellos ❤️ The things that we leave behind and the things that we acquire will make the difference in our New Year, not resolutions. Today, we are all authors with pens in our hands anxiously awaiting an opportunity to write the first words in chapter 2016 in our books of life. This year, I’m throwing the idea of a New Year’s resolution out with 2015. I’m saying goodbye to it. What I’ve noticed about people who attain success is that they are in a constant state of creating, Read more […]