Month: October 2015

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Ardre Orie Releases Cover Art for New Stage Play

It is my belief that one of the reasons that relationships between men and women suffer is because we have been programmed to speak and men have not. From the workplace to friendships and even relationships, we are required to interact with our male counterparts for success. Sometimes, we lose what feels like a battle because we haven’t really heard what men have to say. I mean really heard. The best insight that I receive into the heart of a man is from my husband. He and I resolved to be relentlessly Read more […]

Million Dollar Advice

Have you met the hope builder? Or perhaps you’ve encountered the dream fulfiller? Maybe you have run into the destiny shaper or even the heart shaker? On Sunday, October 18, 2015, Melissa Hibbert was all those things and more as she activated another installment of her highly acclaimed Beauty & the Business Conference in Los Angeles, California. I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa Hibbert, Business and Beauty Expert and Entrepreneur via social media and she invited me to attend her Beauty Read more […]

Spirituality, Love, Sexuality and Other Taboo Topics

What immediate thoughts come to mind when you hear the words spirituality, love, sexuality? I have so many but the word that emerges the most is “taboo”. I believe that if we deem any topic to be too taboo for discussion, it rises to the top of interest; although in silence. That taboo topic becomes the single cookie in the jar. I began writing my stage production Lipstick Monologues as a family oriented show; however, I began to receive emails and requests for advice in many topics that Read more […]

What Do They Say About You?

Greetings Friends, How often does yesterday’s trash hold us back from reaping today’s treasures? Recently, I was speaking to a dear friend and she was upset that someone had reminded her of a past transgression in which she dated a guy (I can’t quite refer to him as a gentleman because that is not the manner in which he behaved) who was extremely cruel and abusive to her. It bothered her so badly that she was moved to tears. In the midst of our conversation, I could see that her self-esteem Read more […]

Ardre Orie’s Stage Play Lipstick Monologues featured on Sweet Candor TV

                  The Lipstick Monologues set the stage ablaze in Atlanta this past Saturday. The cast members poured their hearts out to a packed house of influential Atlantans, media and fans. The essence of the show was captured by Sweet Candor TV’s Ashley Thomas. To see the full article and exclusive footage from the show, click the link below: Read more […]