Month: September 2015

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Death Creates Life

To experience love and loss is to live. When life slips through your hands, you wander seamlessly about with no rhyme or reason until your heart recognizes that love is and always will be a source of direction. I received a text message while at work from my sorority sister Dazi, and it read, “Line Emergency.” A “line” consists of the ladies who pledged at the exact time as you. You spend countless days and nights together to ensure that the business of the chapter is carried out. You Read more […]

Lipstick Monologues Featured in African American Indie Dilm & Theatre

Lipstick Monologues written and directed by Ardre Orie was featured on the African American Indie Film and Theatre blog. This feature is amidst the planning am preparation for Orie’s 3rd production of the stage-play that is catching the attention of many. Orie had enlisted cast member and talent Rasheda Randle as the show’s producer. The Lipstick Monologues features 16 stories of women from all walks of life who share their pain and triumph to become the heroine of their own lives. The Lipstick Read more […]


I can officially add the title “Director” to my resume and I am overwhelmed to say the least. Of all of the goals that I have set for myself, the completion of this project would make the list of the most challenging. I set my soul on becoming a director because I wanted desperately to create media that could reach the masses and tell our stories and today, I am proud to say that I am finished with my first film! “I AM” is an American documentary film that candidly accounts one woman’s Read more […]