Month: August 2015

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No Longer Anonymous

Have you ever gotten tired of the abundance of self-help information and constant overflow of quotes? Although we should let the positivity flow freely, we are bombarded with messages. In my second book, A Heroine in Heels, I began to write poetry as a method to express my true feelings but also to break up the monotony of what we read. I want to share some of my poetry with you. Sometimes we just want to be soothed and to let our minds drift and out thoughts float. I wrote “No Longer Anyomous” Read more […]

Pain Gives Birth to Purpose

Pain Gives Birth to Purpose… Have you ever wondered why you were going through what you were going through? Life and it’s circumstances are not just arbitrarily happening to you. They are a direct result of the energy and action that you sow daily. Pain is a by product, a sum of parts; pain is inevitable. The greater question becomes: what will you do with it? This past weekend, I spent the a few short hours in Atlanta as a panelist for the WYN Conference hosted by WETV’s new series Cutting Read more […]

The “I AM” Campaign

Popularity is Not Success

Popularity is not success. I repeat, “Popularity is not success”. This week, I saw a quote on one of my favorite blogger’s wall that resonated with me and it read: Popularity is not success.  Have you noticed that social media is driving our self-worth? Whether we choose to admit it or not, we are absorbing “likes” like air and when they are scarce, many of us become negatively impacted. Recently, I released the trailer for my forthcoming documentary “I AM” (if you haven’t seen it, see Read more […]

Sex Kittens & Damsels in Distress: 3 Ways to Create Your Own Character

This weekend, I did something that I rarely do, watch tv. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed and been entertained by my fair share of reality tv. I like everyone else, have watched, made judgements, laughed and even looked forward to many of the events portrayed on the plethora of shows offered to us but for some reason, last night it could not maintain my attention. I saw so many beautiful women but I couldn’t help but think that they were not an accurate representation of me or the amazing Read more […]