Month: June 2015

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Words Have Power: The Empowerment Maven Takes on NYC

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.” The Bible says to write a thing and make it plain. Last year, I wrote NYC on my vision list for my play Lipstick Monologues ( not knowing how it would manifest. You can see the words NYC in our advertisements as well as on our Instagram and Facebook pages. I wrote these dreams because I wanted to not only believe that it would come true but also in hopes that the universe would conspire with me. It is with a humble heart that I announce Read more […]

Say Goodbye to Pain

I don’t always speak about the violence that disrupted my home but I am beginning to. Speaking and writing about it is the only way that I can heal. In my play Lipstick Monologues (, I wrote a monologue that spoke to the hands of the violence that rocked the core of my being and resulted in the attack of the strongest person that I knew: my mother. I casted a powerful actress named Melanie Anderson who portrayed me at this time in my life in the Lipstick Monologues.     I Read more […]

If You’re Reading This, You’re Right on Time

If you’re reading this, you’re right on time. This past weekend, I released my second book A Heroine in Heels ( to a room filled with new and old friends. Words can’t describe the positive energy that circulated in the room. It was majestic. Smiles, hugs, tears of joy and intimate stories were all a part of the backdrop. During the event as well as in the book, I spoke candidly about my past hurt that caused me to place a barrier around my heart. I allowed the hurt that Read more […]

Faith Over Failure: 3 Ways to Not Accept Defeat

I dedicate this picture and day to the teacher who told my mother that I would never be able to write. More specifically, she said that I would have trouble writing a good essay in college. In hindsight, her words meant that she thought that I would be a failure. We all know that writing essays is one of the most crucial components of the collegiate experience. After her commentary, I not only graduated from college but went on to earn a total of three degrees and have a flourishing career as Read more […]

Live & Love: 4 Things You Must Do Now

Life is happening right now. We must not miss it. I felt so sad today as I awoke to discover that a young lady by the name of Kyssi Andrews who battled with cancer passed away. At her young age she, demonstrated more courage than many adults do on a daily basis walking in perfect health. Her mother worked so hard to ensure that she had everything that she needed and that she captured priceless moments in life. Because of her mother’s tireless efforts, Kyssi LIVED. Sometimes we spend so much time Read more […]


Am I crazy to believe that anything is possible? Absolutely! This week, I announced my #1millionreaders Campaign because somewhere along the way, my heart told me that if I could get books in the hands of 1 million people and have it photographed that my work to change the way we define beauty and promote self-worth would be impactful. There are 1 million reasons why this will not work or that I might not reach this goal but I can honestly say that I have not wasted 1 second thinking about Read more […]

I AM: 5 Ways to Know Your Worth

When you wake up in the morning, you should hear your own personal theme song and when your feet hit the floor, you should be moving to the Pandora station¬†inside your head; simply because of your existence. We must come to a place of understanding that we believe without question that standing up and proclaiming “I AM” means that we are aware of what we can offer the world and that we have the power to make it a better place.   The real truth is that many of us awake defeated. ¬†There Read more […]