Month: May 2015

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The Comfort Zone: 3 Reasons You Should Never Live There

  Pack your bags and prepare to leave. Have you ever noticed that you can’t receive anything if your hands are closed? No one can give or gift you with anything if your hands are closed. It is only at the point when we make a decision to open our hands that we are in a position to receive. I refer to the hands as a symbol of the heart, mind and spirit. In many instances, we close our hearts, minds and spirits to new gifts and new opportunities. Sometimes we are bound by fear and Read more […]

To Chicago with Love

Greetings Friends, Do you realize that every word that you speak has infinite power? With every utter, you shoot rockets into the atmosphere that explode and supernaturally turn into a mist that rains over your life and lives of those with whom you come in contact with. I am ordinary but I will achieve what some may consider extraordinary because I believe in the power of my thoughts and the words that manifest and multiply. I will speak prosperity over my life. If you don’t Read more […]

The Business of Beauty

Two weeks ago, I blogged about the media’s constant glorification of women wearing revealing clothing and inability to highlight women who are setting the standard for excellence with their minds, hearts and souls as the leading force called “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off”.  The photo that accompanied my Instagram post was for me a little radical in nature.  I was facing backwards in a subtle attempt to make the point that if all we give the world is our body to look at and thirst for, Read more […]

One Wish

I decided to celebrate my birthday a little differently this year… For me every new day is the gift of a moment to create and live on purpose. For me that means, shining a light that may either illuminate a path towards inner prosperity for myself or others. The best gifts are not tangible yet the warmth of the heart that knows who she is and where she is going. This year for my birthday, I did not request gifts or material things that I don’t really need or value, I asked God to take me higher Read more […]

We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off

                  I have to ask, What is mainstream media teaching our girls about their value?” What do our male counterparts really think of us? There are so many indicators that point to the notion that we are still not viewed as smart, financially savvy or to possess the same business acumen as our fellow men.  Could any of this be in part to the portrayal of women in mass media? As I continue to work on filming Read more […]