Month: June 2013

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Today, can be viewed by some as triumphant as the Miami Heat participate in the parade honoring their feat as the 2013 NBA Championship Winners.  After watching the 7 game series of the 2013 NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat, I gleaned some significant lessons that are applicable to reaching the dreams and goals that we set in life.  Here are my top 5:   1.  Make a decision to get in the game. Although professional athletes serve as a source of entertainment Read more […]

Breeding Mediocrity: 4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Traveling the Road to Success

There are several behaviors that can negate our ability to climb the ladder of success and they are indeed pitfalls that we should avoid unless mediocre is what we aspire to be. 1: Not taking time to identify your personal and professional image.  Consider what you want others to think about you personally as well as professionally? You can always opt to live in a fantasy land and pretend that no one really cares what you have on or who you are. After all, it really is about what’s on the inside Read more […]

Does Passion Equal Profit?

  Dreams of Entrepreneurship – 5 Considerations Before Turning Your Passion Into Profit   1. Are you willing to work for free? The number one question that one who is considering starting a business should ask is “Am I willing to work for free”? Not only do many entrepreneurs find that the period of time ranging from idea conception to the coveted ribbon cutting ceremony (this could look differently for several business) is what some might refer to as a dry season. Moreover, many entrepreneurs Read more […]