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Get Lost, Find Yourself

As I woke up this morning, I realized that it is officially my birthday week! I was born on my mother’s birthday and every 7 years our birthday falls on Mother’s Day; this year being one of them. I am of course thankful for life as I recognize it as a gift. And like most, I have reflected on my purpose and service here on earth. All this time, I had been focused on being a voice for the voiceless and I now know that I was walking along the right path but I had not figured out exactly how to Read more […]

My Body & My Choice

How many times have you felt like you didn’t meet a certain beauty standard? I wanted to share a personal journey with you because I know that someone reading this has gone through their own battle with beauty. In high school, I was rather slim and ate whatever I wanted. Exercise was what people who had nothing better to do with their time did or so I thought. It certainly wasn’t for me. After graduation, I attended Florida State University and my dorm room was across the street from Krispy Read more […]

Church on A Friday

Are you sitting down? If not, grab a seat, I’m going in today. It doesn’t matter what your religious preference is, I love everyone but be warned that if you continue reading, you are having church today. Not church in the spiritual sense per say but I am bringing forth the word. Are you ready? Let’s do it! When I tell you that I have learned more lessons in the last 30 days about myself and leadership than I have in the last 3 years. I’m not joking. Quite frankly, I have been working to Read more […]

You Need This: 3 Lessons on Sowing and Reaping

Have you ever worked so hard but saw very few results? I wouldn’t be truthful if I said that I hadn’t. This is often where the story ends for many. Day in and day out, you exert effort but never quite reaping what you have sown. Recently, I’ve been reading less business material and more spiritual material for my personal development and I relearned one of the most obvious lessons. The word reap is a verb. That means that you must exert just as much effort to reap as you do to sow. Stay with Read more […]


There are so many messages around us if we can be still enough to listen. Our messages can come from places unexpected and even the youngest minds of the world. I spent some time researching how I would teach my daughters about Dr. King’s work. The scenario in which to do so changes with every year. When I was in school, we learned profusely about all history and it was so amazing to see nations overcome and great leadership through adversity. To know about Dr. King was an understatement. Had Read more […]

Made You Look

Remember when you judged your worth based on how much attention that you received from the opposite sex? Who remembers spending countless hours selecting and outfit, doing you makeup and hair, getting dressed and hanging out with friends only to sum up your time spent by who most caught the eye of the opposite sex? Remember feeling a little less than if you weren’t the champion? The truth is, this isn’t just a thought process of the past. Many of us still think like this and in some ways, we Read more […]

3 Reasons Your Self-Esteem Will Make You A Victim

If you reflect upon your life and your journey, I am certain that you can recall being a victim due to someone else’s inconsideration but have you ever stopped to think about the ways in which we victimize ourselves? As women we are wired to be givers, meet the demanding needs of others and find the needle in the haystack that others need to be successful. We are problem solvers, world savers and game changers. We yearn to be the difference in the lives of others. And for these reasons, we should Read more […]

It’s Not Our Job to Change the World

Lately, I have spent a great deal of time pondering who I was and reaffirming what I have to offer the world.  I wanted to be more specific about my purpose and through this search, I know that I will take further steps towards destiny and assume a greater responsibility to empower others.  One of the many titles that has come into my heart many times is “change agent”.  A change agent is defined as a person who changes an organization from inside or outside the organization who helps an organization Read more […]

Pain Gives Birth to Purpose

Pain Gives Birth to Purpose… Have you ever wondered why you were going through what you were going through? Life and it’s circumstances are not just arbitrarily happening to you. They are a direct result of the energy and action that you sow daily. Pain is a by product, a sum of parts; pain is inevitable. The greater question becomes: what will you do with it? This past weekend, I spent the a few short hours in Atlanta as a panelist for the WYN Conference hosted by WETV’s new series Cutting Read more […]

Popularity is Not Success

Popularity is not success. I repeat, “Popularity is not success”. This week, I saw a quote on one of my favorite blogger’s wall that resonated with me and it read: Popularity is not success.  Have you noticed that social media is driving our self-worth? Whether we choose to admit it or not, we are absorbing “likes” like air and when they are scarce, many of us become negatively impacted. Recently, I released the trailer for my forthcoming documentary “I AM” (if you haven’t seen it, see Read more […]