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My Body & My Choice

How many times have you felt like you didn’t meet a certain beauty standard? I wanted to share a personal journey with you because I know that someone reading this has gone through their own battle with beauty. In high school, I was rather slim and ate whatever I wanted. Exercise was what people who had nothing better to do with their time did or so I thought. It certainly wasn’t for me. After graduation, I attended Florida State University and my dorm room was across the street from Krispy Read more […]

Church on A Friday

Are you sitting down? If not, grab a seat, I’m going in today. It doesn’t matter what your religious preference is, I love everyone but be warned that if you continue reading, you are having church today. Not church in the spiritual sense per say but I am bringing forth the word. Are you ready? Let’s do it! When I tell you that I have learned more lessons in the last 30 days about myself and leadership than I have in the last 3 years. I’m not joking. Quite frankly, I have been working to Read more […]

3 Reasons I Will Cut My Hair While Raising Girls

What can be said of a woman and her hair? Locs, curls, tresses and ringlets oh my! Our hair is our crown, a badge of honor that we take immense pride in and garner attention for. For as long as I can remember, hair has been an oversaturated topic of discussion. Our history reflects as such. We can all recount pivotal moments in our hair journeys from childhood to maturation that either left a positive or negative sentiment in our hearts. Although there is no scientific research to prove Read more […]

You Need This: 3 Lessons on Sowing and Reaping

Have you ever worked so hard but saw very few results? I wouldn’t be truthful if I said that I hadn’t. This is often where the story ends for many. Day in and day out, you exert effort but never quite reaping what you have sown. Recently, I’ve been reading less business material and more spiritual material for my personal development and I relearned one of the most obvious lessons. The word reap is a verb. That means that you must exert just as much effort to reap as you do to sow. Stay with Read more […]

My Biggest Announcement of 2016

Have you ever done something that scared you? You most definitely have to or your dreams aren’t big enough! I was scared beyond imagination of what I am about to do next. How did I get to this place? I thought you’d never ask. I was minding my own business planning my 2016 SAFELY. I was planning to keep writing, directing films and releasing plays and of course launching a few beauty campaigns all in the name of self-worth. This is the safe zone. In the midst of minding my own business, my Read more […]