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Woman to Woman

Today is National Women’s Equality Day.¬†What a time to be alive as a woman! The date was selected to commemorate the 1920 certifiation of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote. And with the right to vote, a hidden power was unleashed. From that time, women have progressively moved forward, broken new boundaries (and rules might I add) and continued to demonstrate that there was nothing that we couldn’t do. Today, we stand on the heels of greatness and witness Read more […]

Love, Sex & Other Taboo Words

Let’s get right down to it. Society would have us to believe that men are the only species known to man who cheat in relationships. If we fully immersed ourselves into the messages that we received, we would be left to believe that we are damsels in distress. We are well informed when watching the classic storyline that includes the faithful wife who is left to fin for herself after her cheating husband comes home and tells her that he is leaving her for another woman. Cue movies like Derailed, Read more […]

Spirituality, Love, Sexuality and Other Taboo Topics

What immediate thoughts come to mind when you hear the words spirituality, love, sexuality? I have so many but the word that emerges the most is “taboo”. I believe that if we deem any topic to be too taboo for discussion, it rises to the top of interest; although in silence. That taboo topic becomes the single cookie in the jar. I began writing my stage production Lipstick Monologues as a family oriented show; however, I began to receive emails and requests for advice in many topics that Read more […]

Ardre Orie’s Stage Play Lipstick Monologues featured on Sweet Candor TV

                  The Lipstick Monologues set the stage ablaze in Atlanta this past Saturday. The cast members poured their hearts out to a packed house of influential Atlantans, media and fans. The essence of the show was captured by Sweet Candor TV’s Ashley Thomas. To see the full article and exclusive footage from the show, click the link below: Read more […]

Lipstick Monologues Featured in African American Indie Dilm & Theatre

Lipstick Monologues written and directed by Ardre Orie was featured on the African American Indie Film and Theatre blog. This feature is amidst the planning am preparation for Orie’s 3rd production of the stage-play that is catching the attention of many. Orie had enlisted cast member and talent Rasheda Randle as the show’s producer. The Lipstick Monologues features 16 stories of women from all walks of life who share their pain and triumph to become the heroine of their own lives. The Lipstick Read more […]